Five musicians, one rhythm. The group "Cinco en Clave" combines the perspectives of five different cultures and languages to deliver an iridescent picture of their passion: Latin music. The band members got to know each other at Codarts Conservatory of Rotterdam, where they brought together their influences ranging from Cuban and Antillean music to Western classical music and jazz. Their playing allows each individual voice to shine through composing, arranging and improvising, meshed together in vibrant rhythm, be it through exhilarating Latin jazz, elegant danzón or sensual bolero.

Cinco and Clave are a Latin-jazz quintet that navigate through own compositions to fresh arrangements of Latin jazz standards. If they say that there are kinds of music that move the body, other than the heart or mind, they touch all of them. They pursue one thing: search for tunes, harmonies and rhythms that are extremely beautiful but rather unknown.

Lotophagos is the hit of the band. Stefan Brunner’s (bass player) composition, reflects the classical touch, with Latin groove and the jazz improvisation through chords and spontaneity. Walkin’ a Beat with a Peg-Legged Policeman, composed by their first teacher Thomas Böttcher, is in a 7/4 clave where you feel moved by a contemporary touch. Or Un Domingo, a slow danzón composed by Evelyn Vera Gallardo (pianist), favourite for the lovers of elegance.


Oriol Marès (clarinet and bass clarinet)
Evelyn Vera Gallardo (piano)
Stefan Brunner (bass)
Lidrick Solognier (congas)

Lucas Zegri (drums)

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Lucas Zegri, Lidrick Solognier, Stefan Brunner, Evelyn Vera Gallardo, Oriol Marès